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Something changed inside of me when I became pregnant with my daughter in 2014. Before that day, I didn't know much about life. I didn't know who I wanted to be, what I wanted to do, or where I wanted to go. I'll admit that I was a little lost. Probably hit a few icy patches, ran with no feet down a hill, rolled in some kind of manure, and definitely smacked my head on the cement, yea like hitting a brick wall. It was baaad! Nothing felt right and I couldn't find the passion in something that I knew my soul was longing for. Until the day she appeared. That moment motivated me more than ever before to find my purpose.

During my pregnancy I was employed at a local catering service department. I truly enjoyed working there. Each day was different, the environment was laid back and the events were always so inspiring to me. One lady in particular inspired me. At certain events she would appear, I would watch her. The way she carried herself, spoke on stage, and interacted with people was truly captivating. I wanted to be like her. So, one day I reached out to her. Nervous that being complete opposites would deter her, I thought, I may or may not get a response, but I still took the chance. By doing that, a lot started to change with my thought process about life and who I wanted to be. I started taking more chances on becoming the woman I wanted to become, and I dug deeper. 

It came to me that I have always enjoyed dressing my friends up before we would head out for a girls night. I would choose from my closet and say "Wear this, it would look sooo good on you!!" After dressing them, I would do their hair and make- up to create the final masterpiece. It was always fun for me and I was really good at it too! I could see them come to life. As they looked in the mirror, I could feel them feel great about themselves, it made me happy. I'm certain they loved being pampered too, and enjoyed what was created! 

Still being pregnant and feeling more like a floating cow at this point, I reflected on what I use to love to do. Dress up and put really great outfits together for my friends. So I really plunged into the fashion world. Researching for weeks, I came across a "steps to owning your own boutique" site. After reading it, I thought "you know what?! I would make a great entrepreneur!" Two things could happen: I could succeed at this, or I could fail. But failure wasn't an option to me, never will be!! And, so the fun began. 

Three months after my beautiful daughter arrived into the world, Truly Yours, Fashion was born. In early 2015, A LOT of work was done. To flipping the building completely by painting, rolling tile, building changing rooms, hammering together the check out counter, to you name it! But my most favorite was searching for amazing attire that I thought would be a perfect fit for our location. We have now been in business for 3 years and have grown an online presence too. I couldn't have done it without great customers like you who were excited to shop in our little town! Lot's of changes were made along the way and still yet to be made. I have a huge vision for Truly Yours. And even with a lot of sweat and tears, I am forever grateful for the process. 

Rome wasn't built overnight. That is what I tell myself almost daily when thinking about the future of Truly Yours. And it is so true.  The process in building an empire is finding those things you didn't think about before and tweaking them to fit in the right place. 

As I sit here gathering thoughts from where I was to where I am now, I see great change. I never thought that an opportunity such as this would cross my path. Not even in a million years! When I was younger, I pictured my life to be on some plane traveling on some sort of secret FBI mission. Shooting cans in the backyard with my stepdads pistol, I thought for sure that was in my destiny. Don't get me wrong, I still think about what life would be like if I was the real Miss Congeniality,  but God has a different plan for me. I take each day with strength, trusting what was planted for me. Everyday is different, yet the same. I have dreams to make everyone feel important in life. I believe that if I could make something like this happen, that anyone else can too! It just takes persistence, lots of prayers, faith, and a daily motivation (such as my daughter). 

Most of all I want to be the best mother, business owner, friend, partner that anyone could ever ask for. I want to create the best version of myself and my business. I strive for that every single day! Truly Yours is just that, Truly Yours. It means that we can all find a place here and feel at home and welcomed for who we are. There is so much to choose from that's fitting, comfortable and affordable!  So, when you think about the need and want for some fabulous clothing, think about us. Think about Truly Yours <3




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  • Love you! Your are a gift ?

    Kolleen Crall on
  • Congratulations on all you have succeeded in and in the future.

    Michelle Knowlton on

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