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Are you a mom? If so, let's relate! Mom of one- wild, free, rambunctious, knows what she wants 3 1/2 year old girl here! Hello! From gymnastics, ballet, to play time- ALL the time, books, reading and more, life is forever interesting when we are together. Experiencing these things with no manual is a serious, yet wonderful challenge. How a tiny little human can go from 0-100 real quick, back to 0 and back around times 20 definitely keeps my toes sweaty! Mostly guessing, but where did my baby go! Did she really just tell me "you're not my best friend?!" Yep, she sure did, only to tell me two minutes later that I am her best friend! Which I already knew that was coming, Raina! 

From 7 am. to 9 pm.(me midnight) we are up, mostly. Luckily she get's a nap, I just pretend. It's that box of chocolate saying "you never know what you're gonna get" fact when it comes to our mornings and evenings. The struggle is real! I never thought while she innocently gazed into my eyes as an infant that my sweet Raina would be such a crank in the mornings. I will say things like "Come on Raina let's brush your teeth." to " Come on Raina let's do your hair." as she is literally army crawling to the bathroom. "Come on Raina let's get dressed!" (Seriously repeated 10 times) But I have come to terms (for the most) to just let that girl wear what she wants. Please, do not match daughters clothes. I repeat, do not match. Because what matches, doesn't and what doesn't match, does. Make sense? Sure, but I am no longer picking out her outfits. The only way I can get her to wear something that I like is by offering m&ms (which she's starting to catch on to) or to just act like I don't like it (which is starting to work out better). Green floral top, purple floral pants, miss matching socks and her favorite Elsa shoes! Hey, who cares! I just go with it, I don't match my socks either ;) 

Moments with Raina I treasure. Like, if you have ever been to Truly Yours when she is there, you are sure to be greeted with a smile. Every time the door opens she will first ask me "who's that" and then run to the door and say "Hi, what's your name, here's a medium" (it's always a medium for some reason). In her sweet little mind she will help you find whatever it is you are looking for even if it's just a shoe box with nothing in it, maybe a medium? Yeah, I know you want one of those! Funny, but one time she pulled out her minnie mouse cart from our spare room in the back and pushed it around until she piled about 4 or 5 shoe boxes on top of each other. (She must have a thing for those boxes too!) As she comes strolling along towards me with the biggest smile on her face, she looks at me and tells me "here you go, I got these for you." With a chuckle and a melting heart, I graciously accepted her gifts. 

It's great being a mommy and it's great being a business woman. I would say the two most challenging things ever placed in my life. Thankful and blessed all in the midst of the madness or whatever you want to call it, but not a day goes by that I don't thank God. 1.) for keeping tiny human alive and 2.) for blessing me with such a wonderful life by giving me a chance to do the two things He knew I could handle. Being a mom is never easy but one thing it is, is rewarding. Something you can never take back the time on. So as I am learning to enjoy the moments good and bad, make lasting memories and believe in the creation that God has made, I am also growing a long side with Raina. Hopefully I can teach her the better things in life, to always try and find the bright side or bring a flashlight and to always keep pushing towards what seems to feel like unreachable goals!

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