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From opening day (July 7, 2015) I have met and bonded with so many of you! The great thing about it is, is that I truly enjoy having meaningful conversations (not just about clothing) with everyone. I am a deep person and I feel like we often don't take the time to really get to know one another, this is a perfect place to do that. And as I get to know you more, I understand the needs you require when finding attire! It's great! I love that everyone has different taste in things. How boring would the world be if we were all the same?! I mean think about it! It would be pretty boring if you ask me! 

The great thing about Truly Yours is that there is so much to offer here! I have been through trial and error to find honestly what works best for you. I am still working on that too! Over the years I have tried so many different vendors to find which ones I truly love! I still want to make us unique, but also find what everyone can enjoy. So far I have a few favorites that seem to be very fitting to Truly Yours and YOU as our customer! To name a few that I absolutely love are: 12pm by Mon Ami, Listicle, Kori America, Reborn J, P.S Kate, Wanna B, Ladix, Sway, Best & Best, Entro, White Birch, and Easle. These have to be my top favorites so far! 

Recently we got connected with a "secret" vendor! Not very many boutiques have access to them, but somehow, they chose US!! I am here to tell you that you will not be disappointed when these items start rolling in! I have already previewed them in our group, and if you haven't seen them check it out here: . It's going to take some time to get the momentum going on these only because I am still building the growth of the business. But, still excited about this opportunity! 

About a year ago I started my online store. I literally did everything myself. Which I am so proud of because I know NOTHING about technical service! I built the entire website on research and no knowledge. During downtime at home base, this is what I would be working on. Sometimes even until 1 or 2 o'clock in the morning to perfect it. Along side of the website, I started the Truly Yours Exclusive group ( Which is noted in the above paragraph.) This was a way to connect more with you on a personal level to find what you were looking for. I like to call it, "Be the buyer." You really are a part of Truly Yours! You picked our wardrobe!! How awesome is that!!  We have grown into almost 4,000 members in one year simply because of great customers like you! 

The growth here at Truly Yours is REALLY because of you. I can't say that enough. And I couldn't be more thankful that you aren't out shopping those horrid chain stores! Or are you?! :-* That's okay! But really, you believe in the vision! And for that, I am truly and forever thankful! 

Thank You for being our partner, for loving what Truly Yours offers and for sharing your thoughts and opinions with us! 

Love Always, 


Founder of Truly Yours Fashion

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