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When Truly Yours first opened, the going out and dressing up attire was our niche. I wanted us to be different and offer more of a city vibe style to our small country town. Only to hear constantly that, "This is cute, but I don't have anywhere to wear it."  Which is very true around here! There are not many places (if any) to dress up and go out to.  We are more of your back-road, country singing, 4-wheelin', tractor drivin', simply sweet, camping out, Carrie Underwood kind of girls. With only a handful of restaurants to dine out to, heading out of town seems to be the thing to do when considering dressing up. I wanted to keep that thought right here in our home town. I wanted to see more women embrace the beauty of dressing up and heading out for cocktails with friends, or simply enjoying a night out. 

With ideas running though my mind of what I could offer to Ashland, Ohio, I came up with our first event! The concept was to showcase a classy upscale fashion show along with an after party to enjoy right here in our store location. The "White Winter Fashion Show"  was perfect for December 23, 2015. I think it was like 60 degrees outside and the turn out was phenomenal. I couldn't have asked for a better day to share the vision with my home town. Even more, there were some really great people who helped make this event a success. Our theme was "All White." If you were a guest to the show, we kindly asked that you would wear all white. Most wore white, which made the event look so classy! We had a DJ (DJ Juan Leon), catering and beverages, and 3 photographers ( Pics by Paris, Kristen Harper and Taylor Clark). 


Our next event was held on June 9,2016. This time I thought it would be really cool to bring back one of my favorite time era's, the roaring 20's! We went with a Great Gatsby theme which we would recreate and encourage our guests to wear any styled inspired 1920's clothing. With this event we did A LOT of hunting to match what would look like an outfit wore during that time frame. At this event we had a live band, a glamorous photo booth (Coffy Creations Photography), a caricature artist, a runway show and a DJ (Hittman Entertainment). 

As these events were becoming successful, I wanted to keep the momentum going. I have to give a lot of credit to a dear friend of mine, Rachel Falb for helping turn these ideas into reality. Her heart of gold and free spirit is really what kept these events so magical! 

The next event came quickly as it was set for October 15, 2016. "Beyond Dress Codes" Urban Trash became the name. This event was a more hands on event. I wanted to create this fashion show on our back "one way" street located behind the store. Garments were made from literally everything found in home that met the standard of "recycled goods." Rachel, Jenifer and I spent a lot of time mastering some really cool outfits made from trash bags, poster boards, to beads and random nic nacs found around the house. We even connected with our local University fashion merch class to see if they wanted to join the fun! The vision was to connect and encourage, to bring awareness with the talent in our town and come together with our local artist and businesses. The event was so cool and very industrial. We had about 20 models from all age ranges and about 100 guest lined up on the street. A DJ was there to rock the street with a more grungy sound as well as shake and wake our little traditional town! 

It is now December again and what would be more fun then to enjoy a Masquerade Ball. So, I created one! The Masquerade Ball was held on December 10, 2016. I ended up hosting this even for pure fun. As explained before, not much goes on around here and I wanted something exciting for everyone to enjoy. The event turned out great and maintained a DJ (Hittman Entertainment) and hors d'oeuvres with lots of dancing and fun! 

After the Masquerade Ball, I took a small break from hosting events. That was until I was introduced to the "Dancing with the Stars" Cleveland event through a friend who was a participant. I thought this definitely needed to be brought to Ashland. So, that's what happened. With this event I worked with an instructor who worked for a non profit organization called the Lupus Foundation. This event brought in over 500 guests. I had an absolute blast hosting (Fear conquered.) Hair and make-up was done by Splat Hair Design, and Photography by TJ Shots. Also light food and beverages were provided for our guests. The dancers worked extremely hard to perfect their routine and in a short amount of time made it happen. Without them this event would have not been successful!

Reflecting on all the events that were held in the past 3 years brings great joy to my heart. Doing these events were NOT for me, but for you to have somewhere to go in our home town and enjoy. I wanted to bring a little sunshine to Ashland and create a movement of letting loose and having a little fun. That saying "I love this but don't have anywhere to wear it" encouraged me to put on these fun events. It always rang in my mind and I thought if you don't have somewhere to wear that outfit, then I'll create somewhere for you to wear it. 

More events will most likely begin to pop up in the future, but for now I am focusing more on the business and more on mommy/daughter time. It has truly been a great experience for me and has added to my growth as a person. I hope that if you attended an event in the past, that you loved it! They were really created with the thought of you and with the thought of your enjoyment. 

Thank you for hanging with me!


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