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Creepy Or Cool?: The Latest Trend Everyone Is Talking About!

Creepy Or Cool?: The Latest Trend Everyone Is Talking About!

December 1st 2016

So it seems there is a new beauty trend that's causing an uproar in the fashion world.  And it's with a material we have already seen a lot of lately...fur!  We've already been through the phase of incorporating fur into our daily wardrobe, but now it seems we will placing it into our beauty routine as well.  The trend: furry nails. 



Have you heard of this new nail trend?  If not, get ready to brace yourselves for this bizarre new idea that has got everybody wondering how they can pull it off at home!


This new trend surfaced last week as models for Libertine were seen walking down the runway sporting fingernails covered in faux fur during their New York Fashion Week show. 


Yep, I know it sounds hard to believe for fingernails covered in hairballs are a real thing.. and I'm pretty sure it's safe to assume like the rest of us, you may be wondering WHY? just Why!


If you ask me these horrifiying manicures make me believe that people have lost their minds. Bubble nails, aquarium nails, FUR nails.. What's next?! Grass nails?? Feather Nails? Candle wax Nails? Fish scale nails? Hubba Bubba tape nails? COME ON!! 





I wonder what it would feel like to someone who has NO clue about this trend and your grizzly bear nails rubbed against them. Would it tickle? Would they totally freak out? Would they be like, "Oh cool, are those real?" I just don't get it... what is behind this trend?


Take a look at the pictures below to see these insane HAIRY nails.


...You might want to brace yourself!

 Behold, furry nails!



Like seriously, look at these things!?


Are these for real??



Oh look, little trolls!



So what do you think? Do you think this is a trend we should embrace while it is in the spotlight, or should we say goodbye to these furry nails faster than double-popped shirt collars?!


Please leave your comments below or on Facebook and tell us what you think!


Truly Yours,



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