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DOs and DON'Ts For The Plus-Size Woman

DOs and DON'Ts For The Plus-Size Woman

December 1st 2016


Did you know that Truly Yours offers plus-size styles?  We want every woman to feel beautiful in what they wear and all it takes is a little confidence and you'll be pulling off fashion you never imagined you would.  Read through this simple list of Do's and Don'ts and we promise you'll be looking good and showing off your best features!



DO: Find staple pieces that can be used time and time again in your wardrobe.


Having a few nice pairs of jeans that fit you well along with a couple basic tops, dresses, & skirts will help make sure you always have something to wear. 





DON'T: Listen to what everyone else has been telling you for years.


You know those fashion rules that tell people that wearing horizontal stripes make them look bigger or that you can't wear white after labor day? Yeah, don't listen to those.


DO: Take risks!


You don't have to always follow the latest trends because everyone else is.  If you find a style that fits you best, wear it!  Who cares what anyone has to say about it.




DON'T: Just wear black all the time.


Wear those bright colors, don't hide behind black! Put some pattern into your wardrobe!  Color can help bring out your assets and the best way to build your confidence is to stand out!


DO: Show off those curves!


You can rock form fitting clothing as well!  You love the bottom half of your body?  Wear slim fitting pants and skirts to show it off!




DON'T: Settle for ill-fitting garments.


Even if you're having a bad day, don't put on some baggy shirt.  The best way to boost your confidence back up and make that bad day better is by showing off your features in clothing you actually feel comfortable in!



So the next time you stop in our store, check out our plus-size section and keep these simple tips in mind.  We'll make sure you find something to get your new confidence building wardrobe started!


Truly Yours,




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