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An Adventure In Dress Making

An Adventure In Dress Making

December 1st 2016

How many of you have ever dreamed of starting their own clothing line?  It doesn't seem so hard when you first think about it.  Sure, you have to have some ability to sew and of course the ability to design the clothing, but it can be fun, right?  Well here at Truly Yours we've been thinking about designing our own line for a while and yesterday we started our adventure. 


Our goal was to get one dress done by the end of the work day.  The end result: a half finished top and skirt (that didn't turn out quite too bad).  We hit a few bumps along the way with the sewing machine which took us on a bit of a detour, but by the end of the day, even though we didn't have a completed project yet, we had something that we could be proud of. 


The top and skirt started from a piece of fabric, a piece of fabric we cut the pattern from and sewed together ourselves.  The pieces might not be perfect, but this is a learning experience.  Every time you take on a new project you are teaching yourself a lesson.  You are preparing yourself for what the future holds. 


And even if this dress doesn't turn out the way we originally planned, I know for sure that we can say we had a fun and crazy time making it.  We can't wait to share our adventures with you as we see our business grow!


Truly Yours,



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