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Thanks For The Memories--A Goodbye From Our Intern

Thanks For The Memories--A Goodbye From Our Intern

December 1st 2016

Hi all!  

This is Lindsay again, only this time instead of introducing myself, it is to say goodbye.  Wednesday will be my last day here at Truly Yours, Fashion and I just wanted to reflect back on the great times I've had while interning at this store.  


I knew exactly what I wanted to get out of this internship when I first had my interview with Dorea.  I knew I wanted to blog, work with social media, and help with planning events for the store.  It seemed that Truly Yours wanted the same and more for me throughout this semester.  Everyday I came into the store, I was challenged to try something new.  I got to try my hand at modeling in photo shoots, I painted a ton and learned to tile during our mini renovation to the store, and I got to attend a number of meetings that gave me a new perspective on business and Ashland as a community.  


I'm sure another internship could have provided me with some of the same opportunities that this one did, but it would have never been the same.  I would have never been the same.  My internship here at Truly Yours taught me one important lesson: Don't be afraid to get out of your comfort zone.  When I started back in January, I was so content with staying in my shell and I was scared to try new things.  Now 5 months later, I've been challenged so many times to take chances that I fell completely transformed.  It's a change that not only I have noticed, but my family and friends have as well.


I want to give a special shoutout to Dorea.  Not only has she served as a great mentor to me, but she has become a great friend.  There was never a day in the store that we weren't laughing or joking about something.  I only hope that we can continue to have times like these in the future.  No matter where we are in life, I know I have made a lifelong friend.


After graduation, I will be moving to Nantucket (An island off of Massachusetts) to work at the Theatre Workshop as their Wardrobe/ASM Intern.  It's sad to close out this chapter in my life, but I am excited to see what this next chapter will bring me!


Truly Yours,



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